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Managing hazards associated with asbestos is one of our core services. Eagle has been a regional leader in servicing schools, commercial clients, churches, and home owners for over 20 years. Since there are over 3,000 commercial materials and building products that contain asbestos, it’s best to assume that if a building material isn’t wood, metal, or glass—then it could contain asbestos. Construction materials newer than 1990 are less likely to contain asbestos; however, there are no guarantees. The only way to determine if a building material contains asbestos is to have a sample tested by a qualified AIHA-LAP, LLC-accredited laboratory. 


Several federal, state, and city or county regulations must be complied with to successfully manage asbestos projects. Knowing what rules apply and under what circumstances is essential to managing asbestos safely. When asbestos is in good condition and will not be disturbed, often the best practice is to leave it in place and avoid disturbing it.


Employers who are building and facility owners have certain responsibilities under OSHA regulations to identify asbestos and inform housekeeping or maintenance workers where it is located in their buildings.  



When asbestos will be disturbed by renovation or demolition work, specific regulations apply. Briefly, the following is required:

  • A “trained individual” must perform a thorough asbestos survey to sample and test all building materials that will be disturbed or removed. An existing asbestos survey may be used to provide background information.

  • Certain types of asbestos materials that will be disturbed by the project must be ​removed by trained or licensed professionals prior to commencing any construction work

  • Other types of asbestos materials may be left in place if they won’t be disturbed or damaged.

  • All removed asbestos materials must be handled, transported, and disposed as asbestos waste.


Our trained building inspectors, management planners, and project designers are experts in evaluating buildings and designing projects to safely remove asbestos. We provide complete project management to oversee contractor operations, as well as quality assurance inspection and air monitoring services. Our focus is to ensure the protection of:

  • Workers that remove asbestos

  • The building environment and its occupants (during or after)

  • The outdoor environment (proper procedures and disposal)


Eagle can provide the trained professionals you need to handle your asbestos management needs.​

Asbestos Management

  • When in doubt, assume building materials contain asbestos. Exceptions are wood, metal, and glass

  • Have materials tested by a qualified AIHA-LAP,LLC -accredited laboratory

  • There are many rules that determine how to handle asbestos

  • If you don't have to disturb it, leave it alone

  • Renovation or demolition projects require specific procedures and testing

  • Only trained personnel are permitted to test, remove, or handle asbestos

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