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Quick Tips to Reduce Your Family’s Exposure to Lead

It’s always good to be concerned about lead in your environment. Lead is a toxic metal that can damage your brain and nervous system. Lead is especially harmful to children because they are still growing. The EPA recommends the following to help you and your family protect yourselves from exposure to lead:

a. Do NOT consume water that has sat in your home’s plumbing for more than six hours! ALWAYS run the water until you feel the temperature change before cooking, drinking, or brushing your teeth, unless directed otherwise by your utility.

b. ALWAY make it a practice to run the water at the tap, as listed above, before each use.

c. ALWAYS use cold water for drinking and cooking. NEVER use hot water from the tap for cooking or mixing infant formula.

d. To help block storage of lead in you and your child’s body, serve your family meals that are low in fat and high in calcium and iron.

e. If you use a water filter, be sure that is certified to remove lead by NSF International, an independent testing agency.

Should you have any concerns about lead in your home, call Eagle at 215-852-0789.

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