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Is There Lead in My Drinking Water?

If you’re on a community water system, relax. The EPA requires all community water systems to prepare and deliver an annual water quality report, called a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), for their customers by July 1 of each year. If you’d like to receive a copy, call your local water utility for a copy of its latest report.

However, according to the EPA, lead can leach its way into your water through the corrosion of pipes, solder, fittings, and even your brass fixtures and faucets. The amount of lead in your water depends upon many things such as: the types and amounts of minerals in your water, how long the water stays in your pipes, the age of the pipes, the amount of wear on the pipes; as well as, the water’s acidity and temperature.

Still nervous? Have your water tested for lead. Call Eagle Industrial Hygiene at 215-672-6088 for help.

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